Artistic climbing pictures

Results of doodling with pictures on my phone while killing time.

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Finals! #absnationals

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Photoreport from The Hood




First V10 for kids

It is nice to know that you are actually able to boulder double digits, it increases your self confidence, especially if you are a kid. Therefore projecting V10+ is a good idea if kid is at the V8/9 level.

For kids it makes sense to find out what other strong kids climbed as their first V10+ and first try those problems. Truth is, every strong kid we know climbed his/her first V10 that perfectly suits him/her.

There are so much info on Internet that it is usually not a problem to find what you want, but in case your bouldering destination is one where kids do not climb that often and no relevant info is available, then, as a rule of thumb, look for overhang wall with small holds without big moves 🙂 .

Anthony’s first V10 happened to be Scare Tactics in Red Rocks this year (2015). By now days standards V10 at 12 years old is nothing extraordinary, but hopefully it is just a beginning…

4K Video for Instagram Pictures

When we go outside it is usually just two of us. One climbs and another belays or spots the climber. No one can operate a photo camera. But we found a solution to have at least some photo material. We record 4K videos with a video camera and later on take an interesting frame. 4K video has enough resolution to get decent quality photo for Instagram.

Here are few examples made with Sony FDR-AX100 camcorder.

Morning in Castle Rock park

Few weeks ago we have managed to wake up early and get to Castle Rock park; for that we were rewarded with morning light good for photography.

Jailhouse on July 10

Because of overcast and temperature drop we were able to climb at Jailhouse on July 10. We have hooked up with Chris Bellizzi and so I was able to do some photography from hanging above the ground while Chris belayed Anthony.

Uplifted V7

Video of Anthony climbing Uplifted V7 and photos from our recent trip to Sonoma coast areas.