Tips for Dyno moves

  • Some people are more natural with dynos than others, nevertheless do not expect to be dyno master without practicing and training, as dynamic moves require great deal of coordination and a proper mindset.
  • The main way of training is to practice dynos in a gym. Pick big enough move with big enough holds on overhang wall and do it. Once you have mastered the dyno, make another one. Practicing dynos with friends could be very fun and brighten your mood.
  • Sticking a dyno at the dead point of the jump requires quick reaction: you touch the hold then quickly grab it holding weight of your whole body and possibly struggling with a swing. To train this quick muscle reaction, other than just doing dynos, we can recommend 2 hands jumps on a campus board. We also find throwing big heavy ball at each other a good training for quick body reaction (stand on a high stool or unstable surface to add difficulty).
  • While jumping think in terms of trajectories of the center of mass of your body and individual parts of your body.
  • Pulling with arms and pushing with legs must be one well coordinated move. That is the main thing you have to practice.
  • Do not fight a swing with your hands, instead let your back arch and legs swing to gently kill the momentum of the swing.
  • Once your body is trained for dynos, rest is in your head. Get psyched, do not think that you can’t do the move, do no think about the fall. The trick is that you also have to train your head for dyno; at this point it becomes very individual experience but for sure head/mind can and should be trained too.
  • Do not get frustrated if you do not get the dyno on the first try. Big dyno usually takes time to execute. First try to touch place under the hold, then try to touch bottom of the hold, then the hold itself.


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