First V10 for kids

It is nice to know that you are actually able to boulder double digits, it increases your self confidence, especially if you are a kid. Therefore projecting V10+ is a good idea if kid is at the V8/9 level.

For kids it makes sense to find out what other strong kids climbed as their first V10+ and first try those problems. Truth is, every strong kid we know climbed his/her first V10 that perfectly suits him/her.

There are so much info on Internet that it is usually not a problem to find what you want, but in case your bouldering destination is one where kids do not climb that often and no relevant info is available, then, as a rule of thumb, look for overhang wall with small holds without big moves 🙂 .

Anthony’s first V10 happened to be Scare Tactics in Red Rocks this year (2015). By now days standards V10 at 12 years old is nothing extraordinary, but hopefully it is just a beginning…