Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoes Review

By Anthony

Tenaya Oasi’s is an all rounder shoe great for bouldering and for sport climbing. The Oasi’s are also work great both indoors and outdoors (unlike some shoes that work better indoors). The Oasis have two adjustable straps, making it great for wide and narrow feet. After a few months of climbing in Oasi’s I noticed I could wear them for a decent amount of time (comparing to other down turned shoes) which I was really happy about; the problem with most down turned shoes is that you can’t really keep them on for long, for example 5.10 Teams, they are great for bouldering, but they begin to hurt in 5 minutes and it’s a pain getting them on and off. Another great thing about the Oasi’s is that the toe box is roomy and it doesn’t jam and destroy your foot.

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Tenaya Oasi climbing shoes

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Let me give you some insights about how the shoes perform:

  • Great for toe-hooking since it has a piece of rubber on the top of the shoe.
  • Good for slab and overhung, since the shoe is not too down-turned but also not too flat.
  • In my experience the heel fit really nice and there was no or very little space in the heel which made it nice because my foot wouldn’t slip out of the shoe while heel-hooking.
  • Its probably the best comfy down-turned shoe out there.

The shoe itself:

  • Has two thin Velcro straps that are adjustable which makes it pretty convenient.
  • The upper part of the shoe is a thin stretchy synthetic sock.

Overall, in my opinion I think they are one of the best shoes I owned and would recommend this shoe to any level climber since they are literally great for everything: bouldering, roping, slab, overhangs, and to top it all out they don’t jam or squeeze your foot, very comfy compare to anything I wore before.