Maple Canyon Climbing Trip

by Anthony

So this spring I went on a trip to Maple Canyon. Maple Canyon is located in Utah, which is a pretty long drive from the Bay Area. The first thing that amazed me were the walls, it was just a whole canyon with big beautiful walls, but what amazed me even more were the holds, it was like a bunch of slopers glued to a wall, making a variety of really sick holds. As of the weather it is sayed that the best season for Maple is Summer or late Spring. But in my opinion middle Spring was perfect. The weather was pretty nice for sending, but some days when it snowed it was really cold, especially because I’m used to the warm California days. On the first 2 days of climbing I went to a place called Left Fork and climbed on the wall called Pipeline. The wall is short (which really helped because I didn’t have the endurance for those long routes in Maple Canyon) with bouldery moves, with grade ranges for 5.10-5.12. On those 2 days I sent a few nice 12s. One was called Sliding Down a Million Years 12b, and another one was called Crescent Moon 12a.

The next few days I had a few projects in the canyon. One of them was called Still Not Fit 5.13a, it was about 8-10 bolts on hard overhanging moves at the end I got all the moves, but didn’t have enough endurance to finish it (just like the name). The next project I had was called Captain Bullet 13a its a really short climb, pretty much a long boulder with powerful moves. I worked on it for about 2 days eventually finishing it. Then towards the end of the trip I went to a place in Maple Canyon called Pipedream. I worked on a route called The Diggler 13a which I sent on my 3rd try, then I tried Divine Fury 14b (which Chris Sharma flashed), and got about 6 draws into it.

Overall the trip to Maple Canyon was pretty fun. I sent and tried some really good routes, just hope next time I will be more prepared for those long routes.

Here are a few pics from Maple Canyon: