The Importance of having a Project

As a climbing trainer for my son, I have some thoughts on the subject of having a project outside on a real rock that I would like to share here. Points for having a project:

  • What could be most important, having a project means that kid climbs outside. (See related post
  • Hard work on a project translates in to great satisfaction once the route is sent. This satisfaction motivates kid to climb harder and train more.
  • Projecting outside creates a goal for kid and organizes him, teaches him how put every aspect of climbing together to finish the project. Triggers kid’s thoughts about improving weak points in climbing and actually having some training program.
  • Shows kid different types of climbing moves and holds that do not exist in climbing gyms.
  • Gives kid real perspective where he is relative to other climbers, and thus positions him inside the climbing world.
  • Generally, it teaches kid to work and respect other people hard work.
  • Since the next project usually comes immediately after current one is complete, it shows value of hard work and Path (Tao) versus illusive moment of glory when goal is reached.

Anthony comes back to his project Hot Lava Lucy 5.13a and sends it: