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We found an interesting post Rethinking Climbing Gym Memberships where the author is describing how the membership pricing works at the Enclosure Climbing Center. Interestingly enough the author mentions that he borrowed some ideas from the gym that we know pretty well:

I borrowed the concept from Touchstone Climbing and Fitness – arguably the most successful climbing gym chain in the nation (5 gyms with thousands of members). It must work for them, as they’ve had the same pricing structure for many years.

What is discussed in the post:

  • Membership Freezes – totally makes sense, climbers like to travel, gyms should not punish them, this way members feel like gym thinks about them and their needs.
  • Initiation Fee – small amount of initiation is fine, people will understand it; big amount might make some people thinking that the gym is unfriendly and greedy.
  • 10 Punch In Lieu of the Initiation Fee – really good idea, people will not feel like they wasted their money.
  • No Initiation Fee Specials – agree, people like specials.

One interesting observation: to have interesting and flexible membership programs and specials a gym needs good software.

The post mentions the membership related numbers, interesting information of a sort that is not normally shared by the businesses:

When we opened our gym we waived the initiation fee for 3 weeks.  We signed up 400 members within 3 weeks.

And at the Enclosure Climbing Center, we have around 700 members in a town of about 30,000 people.

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