About us

As our “about” page https://psyched2climb.com/about/ says this is a father and son blog. Anthony (son) is too young to deal with technical issues of running a blog so I (father) help him with all technical tasks (accounts, web design, mails and etc). Also most of the communications are handled by me, I can’t let 11 y.o. kid to be directly exposed to Internet. However, we always discuss and edit a post together before submitting it. Ideas about what to post often appear independently, because of that tone of our posts might vary (and language too, English is not my first language).

Thus this blog is the voice of two, or cross-talk of two, if you will. Anthony is into climbing and I support him in that by training, explaining things and encouraging asking questions. At some point we thought that if we put our conversations and reflections to printed words it could be of some interest to other people, at least to few our friends that are interested to know what we are up to at the moment. So we decided to make a blog.

Blogging is an experiment for both of us. We yet to see where it brings us to and if it has any value. But based on the reaction on the last post https://psyched2climb.com/2015/02/08/who-is-mohammad-jafari-mahmodabadi we dare to think that our blog is relevant for more than just few of our regular readers.

Any writing, including blogging, exposes the writer to all sorts of criticism. Now we also have to deal with negative opinions expressed about our posts. We suppose all bloggers have to learn how to deal with negative critique, it is perhaps part of the writing process. Something new for us to learn and think about.