Five Ten shoes review: Team vs Dragon

Dragons were my favorite inside and outside climbing shoes for last year, with an exception of The Pink Anasazi Lace on long sports routes in Ceuse. However three weeks ago I decided to give the Team a try, I had them 2 years ago and was not very happy with them. This time around I was pleased with Team model, may be because I grew and my foot is now shaped better for this model. Anyway, they feel more comfortable now.

Here is my brief comparison of Team vs Dragon:

  • Team has more rubber on the top of the shoe which makes for better toe hooking and there is just one Velcro strap compare to Dragon’s shoe laces; Team wins big time for toe hooking.
  • Team is the hardest shoe to put on and break in, while Dragon has laces and breaks in a lot faster.
  • You can not wear Team for a long time because of how tight and down turn it is, but Dragons are some what more comfy.
  • Team feels like slightly more aggressive and high performance bouldering shoe than Dragon, at least to my taste.
  • Dragons are one of the lightest shoes weighting 5.60oz ( US 9 Men), Teams weight 7.2oz.

All in all these are both great shoes and I recommend to try them both before making final decision, to find out which one fits you better.

Personally, for upcoming ABS16 Nationals I pick Team … but also bringing Dragons with me, just in case (maybe for slab routes).

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Five Ten shoes Team vs Dragons

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