Tell you, eat fruits

Can food supplements replace normal food? Come on. Do you really think that you can outsmart your own body that is a result of millions years of evolution?

Be cool, stay to your roots, eat more fruits (hey, it even rhymes). Apart from the natural coolness of eating fruits, they are good to you. First, fruits and vegetables are rich with minerals. Second, they contain fiber and fiber does you good when it goes through the digestive tract.

Dietary fiber is multimolecular carbohydrate that looks like long thread of strongly connected molecules. These strong long threads of unsolvable fiber are not going to break inside you, instead they travel through without changing their form (i.e. hydrolysis by digestive enzymes not happening).

What good fiber does while moving through the digestive tract? Here are major points:

  • Moving along the pipes fiber touches the walls and triggers stronger peristalsis, i.e. wave-like movement of the walls causing food to move on and down.
  • Fiber is a good absorbent. It absorbs and then carries with it toxic substances, those that arrive inside you with food and those that appear as a result of metabolic processes.
  • Natural means cool. We are (still) humans and not droids (yet). Nature made it for us to enjoy natural products; why replace enjoyment from eating fruits with tasteless sugary supplements?

Climbers, to be strong and healthy eat fruits.

The illustration below shows (in gray) how much fiber people should be eating and (in black) how much they actually consume in the United States.