Take of your climbing shoes and rest

Let us talk about warming up, resting and taking off climbing shoes.

Today I was bouldering with one of my friends at the climbing gym. As with many kids in climbing, I’ve noticed how short was his warmup compare to mine, that he practically was not resting and that his shoes stayed on all time. He was trying very hard but at some point collapsed on the bench nearby and asked why he’s so pumped and tired. Almost a rhetorical question, we hear it in the gym every day. However, for many of us this question might have simple answers.

Always do long enough warmup, it will pay you off. Do not rush it, do not jump on V-Big without good warmup. First, you can get early pump and spoil whole session; second, you increase risk of injuries. I am serious about injuries, in my 4 years in the climbing team I have seen really young kids missing climbing and comps because of injuries. Being young does not mean your body will handle any abuse.

Bouldering hard without any rest is mostly waste of your time. Remember, bouldering hard you train your power, not endurance. Without proper rest your muscle do not have time to recover, therefore you are not really training your muscles. Also it not possible to maintain proper technique when muscles not ready to fire.

Shoes. I hear often kids complaining that their feet ache because of hours in climbing shoes, still they do not take them off. Let your shoes off during long rests. Any pain drains energy and focus. Your feet hurt and become numb because tight climbing shoes spoil blood circulation. Not good for feet and not good for shoes too because you stretch them. Remember, high performance climbing shoes are created for maximum performance not for comfort.

Last but not least. “Athlete’s foot” and strong odour is nothing to be proud about. Climbing shoes a) have limited air ventilation, b) squeeze your fingers close together, c) you (usually) do not wear socks in them; all that might cause fungal infections.