Was I tricked into climbing?

There is a poster with Chris Sharma climbing signed by him hanging on the wall above my bed. Every morning I open my eyes and first thing that I see is “Anthony, keep climbing!” written on the poster. And I keep climbing.

It was my dad’s idea to hang the poster over my bed. When I was very little, he tricked me into climbing by promising ice-cream or bananas if I beat him in a pull-up competition or do a lot of push-ups or climb some boulder problems. Sure, I would get treats eventually, but only after my muscles were sore from exercises. What a cruelty! But I am not complaining, I am actually very glad. When I was 6 years old climbing already became part of my life. Climbing helps me to have healthy and active lifestyle; making goals, training hard, setting priorities all that shaped me into more disciplined kid than I would be otherwise. I travel to climb outside and to compete, so I see different places, countries and people; it opens your mind and is fun. This Summer in France I saw Sachi Amma working on Biographie, it motivated me to climb my first 7b+ (5.12c) routes San Jones Pecos, Bibendum.

My point is: yes, I was tricked into climbing, but it fits me after all. Now I can make my own choice and I still choose climbing.