Why do I need a blog?

Why do I need my own blog? Is not there enough online blogs, articles and books about everything including climbing on Internet? Is not out there already too much junk/noise/nonsense? Is not that if you are looking out for something on Internet then most of the time you spend sorting out garbage? Who needs yet another blog? I guess, I need it foremost. I need a blog to communicate my thoughts to … Universe, I guess. I promise to Universe that I will do my best to generate as less nonsense as possible in my blog.

I believe that articulating thoughts and putting them in words has its value. First of all to the writer himself, because when thoughts are vague and half-formed somewhere in brain they always look great, not so much when translated to the written text.

This week we had interesting car conversation with my dad about power of “articulated thought”.

me: Are you trying to say that magic exists?
dad: Well, yeah, everything around us is pretty much magic. Just do not think about the magic as it shown in Hollywood movies.
me: How about … spells? Does such thing exist?
dad: Hmm, remember last month you said we should spend two weeks in Bishop?
me: Yeah, I did, so what?
dad: You articulated your thought, said it would be good for your training and that you really want it. As a consequence we planned the trip, went to Bishop and spent time there meeting and climbing with friends. By articulating your thought you have forked the Reality, and not only for yourself but also for me and others (your friends would not climb with you in Bishop). Looks to me as pretty powerful spell.
me: Hmm, I guess it is when you put it this way…